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Cycling Widow- Thursday, January 31, 2013

So it seems to be that almost every "professional" athlete participates in blog writing. I dont know if this is why I dislike blogs so much, or maybe I'm just not that into myself? But here I am joining the masses and contributing my thoughts to the world.......

I need to speak about a very important issue facing women of today that can only be described as the term "Cycling Widow". Yes, all those WAGS out there know exactly what i am talking about. So why now do I feel the need to speak out against the MAMAL'S (Middle Aged Men in Lycra). Would it be the newly purhcased bike that my husband may have issued to himself last week?

For months I have heard whispers of Hopper's new bike. Secret mens meetings held in the corner of the workshop and large invoices hitting my desk with mythical customer orders. Oh, and then comes the confession....."I have to come clean"......."I have order myself a new bike"........

Yes, all us "Cycling Widows" have heard it all before. But what I find astounding is, do they really not think we know??? Of course I knew!!!! I just wanted to make you sweat buddy. But today is not to point out all the faults our dear husbands have, it's to look on the bright side. All the time I have WAGS in the shop  complaining about money and time spent on cycling so I would like to point out the many benefits of being a cycling widow.

5am the alarm goes off and they creep out of bed so you get to roll over and enjoy another couple of hours asleep, alone, in the warm blankets. There are never any "boys nights" because they are wanting to be in their optimal shape for Zupps on Sunday morning. And early starts means once in bed, they are in there to sleep *wink* *wink* equating to more time for you to paint your nails and catch up on facebook. There are also the physical contributions that cycling make, lean bodies and shaved legs always looks fantastic on any male especially while parading around Noosa beach in DT's.

So my fellow females take the time to rejoice in the fact that no matter how much money we spend shopping they will never pursue the issues because our MAMAL's will want to ride the next morning!


The Real Boss

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