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Picture of Profile Design 58/58 Wheelset

Profile Design 58/58 Wheelset

full carbon clincher race wheels at a great pricepoint

The Profile Design 58|TwentyFour Series Carbon Clincher Wheelset was born out of the necessity for increased speed, improved aerodynamics and better stopping power. Profile Design used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), wind tunnel testing and course modeling to handcraft a wheelset that accelerates, handles and stops with phenomenal performance. Precision engineered from proprietary carbon fiber that has been laid and shaped for strength and aerodynamics, the 58mm deep rims raise the bar on lightweight and affordable high-performance race wheels. Remember, you get what you pay the case of the Profile Design 58|TwentyFour Series Carbon Clincher Wheelset, it'll definitely be money well spent.

Old price: $2,899.00
Price: $1,999.95