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2019 Factor One Frameset *NEW BRISBANE DEALER*

To welcome the FACTOR brand to the store we are running $500 off promotion for a limited time. Each FACTOR One frameset will come with a CeramicSpeed bearing kit (bottom bracket and headset). Otis EVO integrated bar/stem (DIMENSIONS OF YOUR CHOICE!). And Fizik Arione R1 saddle. Please email the store with your fit requirements and we'll be happy to accommodate as best we can.
Manufacturer: Factor

The new Factor ONE goes beyond aerodynamics to be the fastest aero road bike ever, not on paper or in the wind tunnel, but on the road. With the Twin Vane Evo downtube at its core, the new ONE has been designed for aerodynamic efficiency and maximum frame stiffness. Leading the peloton against the headwind, an all-out criterium or at a fast paceline through the rolling countryside, the new ONE is sure to deliver an exhilarating, fast ride.

Profiting from all the aerodynamic work to design the Factor SLiCK (time-trial/triathlon machine), Factor’s R&D team has translated that tube-shaping knowledge to road bike platform. Using the AG2R Pro-Tour approved geometry from the O2, the new ONE comes loaded with unique features.


Twin Vane Evo downtube 
OTIS external steerer fork with wide stance legs 
OTIS Evo aero barstem 
All-internal cable routing 
Wide stance airfoil seatstays 
Clearance up to 28mm tyres 
Electronic drivetrain only 
Rim and Disc brake versions 
7 frame sizes 
The new Factor ONE has been developed to be the fastest road bike ever. Not just on paper, but on the road. This is the result of extensive aerodynamic design work, structural manufacturing optimization for best power transfer and integration of components.

Factor Twin Vane Evo Downtube

Factor has worked tirelessly on the development of the Twin Vane Evo downtube, for more aerodynamic efficiency and maximum frame stiffness. The Twin Vane Evo takes all what we learned during the extensive aerodynamic work to design the Factor SLiCK, and has been developed through CFD in the computer and later optimized in the wind tunnel. This feature on the ONE shows an expertise in design and engineering that is unique to Factor.

Cutting Through The Wind

The Factor ONE has been designed to push the limits beyond anything else seen in the market. Using CFD and wind tunnel data, we have perfected the aerodynamic profile of every section in combination with superior riding characteristics.

Optimized Twin Vane Evo downtube lets the air run through while increasing the bike stiffness at the BB and headset. 
Wide stance seat stays to allow the air to flow free through, rather than around, the frame and rear wheel. 
Deep airfoil seat tube contours the rear wheel to hide it from the wind. 
The external OTIS fork features airfoil profiled, wide stance legs. 

Using the most advanced CFD software, the Factor ONE has been shaped for the best aerodynamics without sacrificing riding performance. At the Factor Engineering Centre, our team of designers and engineers has run multiple tube shape iterations in pursuit of speed. The resulting shapes have also been validated and perfected at the wind tunnel and during velodrome tests.

Factor OTIS

Standing for ONE Total Integration System, the OTIS gives shape to the front of the ONE. The system comprises the following exclusive Factor parts:

External steerer fork 
Internal headset rod and upper compressor 
The benefits of this design are many:

Increased stiffness while sprinting 
Increased precision during cornering, descending 
Internal cable routing: clean looks and improved aerodynamics. 
Possibility to adjust bar stack at anytime, by adding or taking out spacers: no steerer tubes to cut down, no cables to rework. 
Headset installation and preload is independent of handlebar assembly. 
Ample knee clearance while sprinting or out of the saddle climbing. 
Taking advantage of the OTIS assembly, the ONE Disc features complete internal routing. That includes the hidden front brake hose, only visible where it meets the caliper at the bottom of the fork leg.

The ONE Disc fork has been shaped using Factor’s aerodynamic know-how and CFD capabilities, reducing the volume of the crown where it blends into the headtube. At the same time, the wide stance fork legs allow the air to run through to further decrease aerodynamic resistance while increasing lateral stiffness. With the same obsession for aerodynamics and to keep things tidy, the disc brake caliper is housed in a recess of the fork leg.

Otis Evo Barstem

The latest evolution of the OTIS barstem, the Evo goes a step further with improved aerodynamic profile and features. The OTIS (ONE Total Integration System) barstem assembles directly to the top of the external fork, bringing outstanding stiffness while sprinting and precision during cornering. Full internal cable routing cleans up clutter from the front of the bike while still allowing for easy bar stack adjustment and disassembly for travelling.


Nearly invisible to the wind, due to the proven Kamm-Tail airfoil design, and unyielding to even the strongest sprint induced torque 
Smart OTIS assembly system allows for easy stack adjustment by adding or taking out included spacers, all while keeping a clean look. 
Ergonomic bar shape with 125mm reach and 80mm drop. 
Ample knee clearance during sprints or climbing out of the saddle. 
Full internal cable routing compatible with Di2 and hydraulic hoses. 
Integrated computer mount 
All hardware is corrosion resistant stainless 
Wide Stance Aero Seatstays

Letting the air run through the frame and wheels, instead of around it, for superior aerodynamics and lateral stiffness.

Seatpost Options

Factor ONE is offered with Zero and Offset seatposts, with the aerodynamic profile allowing for easy Di2 battery internal installation. 1-bolt saddle clamp for easy setup, available for carbon and metal saddle rails (7×9 or 7×7 rails).

Power Drivetrain

The continuous downtube-to-chainstay structure of the ONE frame provides an unparalleled stiffness and power transfer, with minimum energy loss and maximum drivetrain performance. The use of a wide BBright bottombracket together with the Twin-Vane Evo downtube and tall chainstays make for a direct propulsion with every pedal stroke, while the CeramicSpeed equipped bearings keep the moving smooth and weatherproof.

Brake Options

Whether it is the ONE or the ONE Disc, each frame and fork has been designed specifically to excel at the highest level.

The ONE Disc uses Flat Mount standard, with recessed caliper hardware mounts for small aerodynamic gains and cleaner looks. The bolt-on Factor 12mm thru-axles keep the whole system tidy and away from the wind.

Old price: $6,999.95
Price: $6,499.95