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Factor O2 Road Frameset W/ Ceramic Speed Bearing Kit 2019

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To welcome the FACTOR brand to the store we are running $500 off promotion for a limited time.

Each FACTOR 02 frameset will come with a CeramicSpeed bearing kit (bottom bracket and headset). Black INC integrated bar/stem (DIMENSIONS OF YOUR CHOICE!). Seatpost and Fizik Arione R1 saddle.

Please email the store with your fit requirements and we'll be happy to accommodate as best we can.

Brand: Factor
Type: Road Frames
Size: Medium
Colour: All Black
Gender: Unisex
Material: Carbon
Item condition: New
Availability: In-store
ID: 104166430


Designed and built with no compromises, the FACTOR O2 delivers a high-performance ride capable of satisfying the demands of the fastest riders in the ProTour peloton. This is the weapon of choice of Romain Bardet and the AG2R team. To dance up the mountains, and storm down the descents.

Manufactured in FACTOR‰Ûªs advanced carbon fibre facility to the highest standards, the O2 blends three different types of carbon, applied expertly to provide both high stiffness and comfort,depending where it‰Ûªs needed. Every tube and section of the O2 has been engineered and developed for a ProTour level quality ride: maximum power transfer under load, but also vibration dampening to feel fresh after a 6 hour ride. All that in a sub-800g frame weight. This is the result of FACTOR‰Ûªs expertise with carbon fibre manufacturing for over two decades.

The O2 does all that in style, with a slender profile that will subtly stand out in any group ride. Elegance, all-day comfort and high performance coming together.


RGi Carbon fibre
Svelte RGi Carbon tapered fork
Asymmetrical, oversized downtube
All-internal cable routing
Stealth seatpost clamp
Clearance up to 28mm tyres
Electronic and mechanical drivetrain compatible
Rim and Disc brake versions
7 frame sizes
Dance Up The Mountains

The FACTOR O2 delivers a high-performance ride capable of satisfying the demands of the fastest riders in the ProTour peloton. This is the result of meticulous geometry design work, structural carbon fibre layup optimization (for best power transfer at minimum weight) and a careful choice of components. To dance up the mountains, and storm down the descents.

Power Drivetrain

The continuous downtube-to-chainstay structure of the O2 frame provides an unparalleled stiffness for minimum energy loss and maximum drivetrain performance. Using bigger and wider tubes with a more continuous shape allows us to use longer sheets of carbon fiber, for a stronger and lighter structure.

At the core of the Power Drivetrain sits the BBright bottom bracket shell. We choose BBright as it offers the widest possible BB shell for a smoother and stiffer transition from the wide, asymmetric downtube to the tall chainstays. All this while being able to lay the carbon fibre sheets smoothly in this area, with high compaction, without sharp or thin shapes that increase weight and decrease structural integrity. The asymmetric (narrower on the drive-side) BBright shell also improves clearance with small chainrings and powermeters.

A section cut of the BB are reveals the enlarge structure created by the gusseted joint between the downtube, seat tube and BB shell. The asymmet-ric, tall chainstays make use of all available volume for a more continuous blend into the BB shell, for extra stiffness at a low weight, while leaving room for 28mm tyres and large chainrings.

Asymmetric Oversized Downtube

The FACTOR O2 features a visibly asymmetric oversized downtube, which is the backbone of the frame and largely responsible for the highly reactive and lively nature of the bike. Using FEA software and our internal test lab bench data, we have perfected the size and profile of the downtube for every size for superior riding characteristics.

Connecting the headtube to the bottom bracket and chainstays, the asymmetric downtube carbon layup is tuned for a perfect balance of torsional and vertical stiffness.

Svelte Fork

Up front, the O2 frame is complemented by the Svelte fork. Frame and fork have been designed together to work in unison with the highest performance in mind: lateral stiffness with some vertical compliance for comfort, excellent torsional stiffness for increased control while cornering and descending. All those great characteristics packed in a very light weight fork. Such a feat is the result of long hours of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) during the design phase, followed by numerous carbon layup prototypes and testing in the lab and on the road.

The Svelte fork uses a tapered steerer tube with a 1-3/8?lower bearing, with the crown integrated in the frame‰Ûªs downtube for increased steering precision and aerodynamic gains.

The disc version of the Svelte fork largely follows the shape and size of the rim brake fork, to achieve the same high performance numbers, but with a slightly asymmetric design and specific layup to withstand the disc braking forces.

Wide Stance Seatstays

This design helps with lateral stiffness in the rear triangle, while keeping the seatstays thin for vertical compliance (comfort) and light weight. On the rim brake version, the wide stance seatstays help keep brake chatter away and increase braking power.

Seatpost Options

Factor O2 is offered with Zero and 25mm offset seatposts options, both allowing for easy Di2 internal battery installation.

The forged aluminum 1-bolt saddle clamp makes saddle adjustment easy, and is available for carbon and metal saddle rails (7ÌÑ9 or 7ÌÑ7 rails).

Stealth Seatpost Wedge

The clean lines of the O2 frame are further accen-tuated by the stealth seatpost wedge. But for Factor this design is not only made for a clean look, it also keeps the carbon structure free of metal inserts or the need to squeeze a split carbon seat tube in order to adjust the saddle height. A rubber gasket keeps water ingress at bay, and the wedge clamping bolt under the top tube is protected from the rain and sweat.

Black Inc Seatpost And Barstem

The FACTOR O2 frameset has been designed around the Black Inc components it is supplied with. The Black Inc barstem and seatpost not only are premium level components on itself, that elevate the category of any bike in the market, but they complement the personality of the FACTOR O2 perfectly. A perfect blend of torsional stiffness and vertical compliance, these components allow the FACTOR O2 frameset to fully express itself, with excellent power transfer during sprints and climbing off the saddle, all-day riding comfort and road surface absorbtion in a featherlight and elegant package.

Barstem features:

Integrated, full carbon, bar and stem design?
Titanium hardware?Reach 80mm, Drop 125mm with compact ergonomic drop shape.
Compatibility with latest generation Shimano DI2 bar end junction box
Seatpost features:

Full carbon fiber shaft construction?
1-bolt, forged aluminium saddle clamp. 7ÌÑ7 and 7ÌÑ9 clamp options.
Zero and 25mm setback options. 27.2mm diameter only.
Compatible with Shimano DI2 internal battery.

Factor O2 Road Frameset W/ Ceramic Speed Bearing Kit 2019

Now $4,999 $5,999

In store


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